List #175: At the End of Christmas

Christmas 2012 is just wrapping up. I'm from a whirlwind few days seeing and greeting family members. There are no more gifts to be open, only a few more to give, and only one more day off. I hate when Christmas ends because it always feels like there is so much build up only to have it go away into the cold winter night so quickly.

But before this year's celebrations are over, a rundown of my own Christmas.

Christmas Things that Happened:
  • One Dad crying over presents. I haven't "won" this fake competition since college when I gave him the Godfather collection on DVD. Which I'm pretty sure he has only watched once.
  • One fight between a sibling because music was playing loud and probably a whole bunch of other reasons that are unsaid.
  • One text message wishing me a Merry Christmas from an unknown number. The casualties of updating your phone in the past year.
  • A new coat, art collection completed, charm, Nancy Pearl figurine, Starbucks gift card, lip balm, felt bag, hot rollers, baseball cap and so much more opened and appreciated.
  • Electric fireplace, clothes, record player, gloves, mugs given, opened, and appreciated.
  • Not-to tiny kitten snoozing. I will miss him sleeping by the tree.
  • New ornaments hung. To add to the collection.
  • Tears shed for missed loved ones. One in particular. And crying. Again.
  • One Christmas Eve worked. Which, well. Okay.
  • Emmet Otter watched, finally. With my mom, hot chocolate, cookies, and tea.
  • So many emotions of feeling blessed and happy and sad and lonely. Which I think is customary for most, so in turn, making me feel less lonely.
In general, Christmas 2012 was a nice holiday. It was standard, which means it was full of tradition and merriment. I was lucky enough to have my family in good health and together. And if you've ever had a sick loved one at Christmastime, you know is the only thing that truly matters.

Sure, Santa didn't deliver the grand gesture, the hopeful phone call, the love of my life walking in a door and immediately recognizing me.  But when a relative asked if someone special was in my life and I answered "not yet"  I followed it with (for some strange reason) "I know it's going to happen soon." And I truly felt it. Maybe I'm just being crazy, but I do really think that love is going to come in my life in a meaningful and lasting way. It just wasn't for this Christmas. And that's just fine.

So dear readers, I hope Santa was wonderful to you. I hope that many of your Christmas wishes came true. And if they didn't. let's just keep holding on together and hoping for next year.

Radley Cat knows Christmas should end.
Merry Christmas from me and mine, to you and yours. 

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