Letter #47: Christmas Greetings via the USPS

Dear Readers,

I want to make this holiday season a little brighter this year. And since the the best way to feel good about the holidays is to celebrate the joy of giving, I'm going to try something new this year. See, I always send out cards to my friends and family. I love the whole experience of Christmas cards: picking out the perfect card, writing a personalized message with a special pen, buying stamps, and sending them in the mail.

We hear so much these days of how the Post Office is failing, how we're slowly losing our skills in handwriting, and how people aren't taking the time to write letters anymore. And for these reasons, sending Christmas cards is all the more special. Also, my Dad works for the Post Office and is retiring at the end of the year. Why not honor his hard work, in a way, by sending out more personal letters.

So, taking a cue from many bloggers and online ideas, I'm offering to send you a personalized holiday card. If you'd like a card from me (and you know you aren't already on my Christmas list) fill out the form below. The only thing I ask in return is that you promise to send out at least one extra card this year. If you don't send any, send one to your grandparents or another relative. If you send many, send one more to someone who makes a difference in your life. Perhaps that person is your friendly librarian, bus driver, janitor, the mail clerk that helps send your packages, or person who bags your groceries. The point is to just spread one more ounce of holiday cheer. Maybe the more we spread, the happier this holiday season will be.

Feel free to share this post with others. I'd just like to have everyone who is interested submit their information by Wednesday, December 5 so that I can write the cards and get them mailed in a timely manner!

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