List #167: The First Cold Night at Home

It must have been the snow flurries that came down this morning, or the fact that it didn't quite might it to even 40 degrees. But tonight feels like winter.

It was easy to come after work and put on pajamas. Even easier to cook comfort food. And it was sweet to sit down at my own dining room table and address Christmas cards. I turned off lights this evening and it's the glow of Christmas lights in the room that's warming the living room as I write this post. And well, it's all really a wonderful way to end what was a very stressful morning and a busy afternoon.

But this cold winter night is exactly when my mind starts to wander. I start to miss someone. Though honestly, at this stage on this particular night I can't really put my finger on who or what I miss exactly. It's an amalgam of personalities.

  • The friend who lives far away but always makes me laugh
  • The loved one who can't write letters 
  • The past lover who could always make me feel sexy
  • The person who has known you forever and doesn't mind if you cry for a few minutes
  • The man who let you put your feet under him on the couch to keep warm
  • The city that loved you when you were younger
  • The absence of absence of panic when you realize finals are upon you
I don't really know what I think about all of this. But I do know that I'm going to cover myself in blankets tonight and just be glad that the first few days of December are going to bring some warmth.

I just wonder, dear readers, what the first blast of winter feels like to you. 

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