List #147: Songs by 30

We don't make mixed tapes anymore. I don't even use shuffle on my iPod anymore because I just stream music from my phone. But if I were to make a collective of songs that would play in the background of a video montage of my year 30. The collective would include whole bunch of songs that  were not released in 2012 and a few that were.
West Coast, Coconut Records
To play when you just want to smile, think of all that you miss, but all that you've gained.
It's one of those songs that fit perfectly in my life without the meaning being true to my life. It's a melody that makes me happy in the morning. A truth; I want to go back to the West Coast. And I'm always missing someone. This may be the song I heard most often in year 30 that always brought a smile to my face.
Electric Feel, MGMT
To play when you need something interesting in the background that makes the daily events more memorable. 
Far from being a young 20-something hipster. This song reminds me of dark winter mornings, leaving someone else's house, and making a longer commute work. Silly dancing. Talking in bed with a Pandora station quietly filling in the gaps between our conversations.

Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen
To play everyday. Obviously.
This is the obvious choice for anyone alive in 2012. But in the not-so-distant future I want to sing this song loudly in my kitchen with my future boyfriend. We'll talk about what we were doing summer of 2012. He'll tell me stories of vacations and lonely nights spent at home. While I tell how about Pirates games and cheering on Michael Phelps. We'll love each for remembering all of the song lyrics to "Call Me Maybe."

Winter Song, The Head and the Heart
To play on dark days. When you're sad to say goodbye. When you miss the one you want.
30 was a feel good year. With the exception of a few, dark, and bleak weeks in March. For a few weeks I just wanted to cry. And then I got really sick in ways that I haven't even talked about here. And I felt lonely and sad and as if everyone else was moving beyond. And I was not. The whole The Head and the Heart album can sum up those weeks of darkness for me. But this song is such happy sadness. Also, all of the men are without shirts in a hallway. This is completely strange, but kind of wonderful. Right? I almost want it to snow right now so that I can bury myself deep in covers and just listen to this song in the dark.

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