List #148: This is 31

This is what 31 looks like. I'm not trying to brag. But I don't think it looks too shabby.
A year ago, this is what I wrote on my birthday. I had been through a rough patch in life; I'm pretty sure all of my friends thought I was one step away from really going off the deep end. And when 30 happened. All of the drama, so much of the sadness, the cloud that just wouldn't stop hovering disappeared.
30 was a year of steady, calm, and growth. So many people told me that my 30s would be so much better than my 20s. And so far, just one year in, I agree.
I don't know where 31 will take me. I want a few of those things I listed last year. But I want a little bit more and a little bit less too.

Mostly I just want a little bit of magic in year 31. I want more celebration. I want butterflies.

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