List #146: Things I Thought About During 30

On Friday, I turn 31. It's not a dramatic birthday. Nor should it be. Just a year passing in time. One that was solid and showed me growth in my own person, my own sense of inner calm, and even more so in my career.

I have a lot of hopes and dreams for the next year ahead. But for now, here is what I was thinking about in year 30.

  • What will be the next move in my career
  • Did every woman I ever went to school with have a baby in 2012
  • How will I afford to pay X bill
  • Where should I go on vacation
  • Why does Justin Timberlake not come out with a new album
  • Thoughts about a man in law school
  • Should I get a cat
  • What in the world am I going to do with this kitten
  • Do any of the men from my past ever think about me
  • Does this outfit extenuate the positive and hide the negative
  • How does she keep it all together
  • There is no way she has it all together
  • Where can I meet a man who wants to commit
  • Why do I fall for men who don't want to commit
  • Why do people care about Snooki's baby
  • When is Excedrin going to come back on the market
  • How hilarious is it that "Zoltan" became a thing
  • What time do I need to get up tomorrow
  • I am blessed with so many great friends
  • Sleeping in my bed is the best ever
  • Sharing a bed is still better than sleeping alone
  • College football
  • Professional football
  • Why is Pascal Dupuis married
  • I hate my stomach
  • Should I get Starbucks this morning
  • Why are my favorite babies growing up so quickly
  • I wish I could talk to my cousin
  • Does anyone have a crush on me
  • How can I get on Root Sports
  • What's it going to take
  • Should I leave Pittsburgh
  • I need to meet the cast of Parks and Recreation
  • How many viewings of each episode of Parks and Recreation is too much
  • Why did I sleep with X
  • Why didn't I sleep with X
  • What would it take to hire someone to do my laundry
  • A few very solid moments of incredible self-doubt and self-pity, but on the whole, less than I had at 29 
  • Why did I say yes to his date 
  • Why did I say no to his date
  • I should probably go to the doctor about my right foot
  • Pittsburgh is an amazing place
  • People from Pittsburgh are a particular breed of wonderful
  • Tomorrow will be better
  • Please don't break my heart

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