List #145: Television without Guilt

I came home from a late night shift at the library today, put some chickpeas in the oven to roast, and just wanted to veg out for an hour or so, before I would go to bed only to wake up and repeat.

I have a brand new book of essays in my bag that I'm really looking forward to opening, but sometimes the last thing a librarian wants to do is come home and read. Especially when she didn't leave the library until 9:00 pm.

So television, it is. Tonight actually, a few episodes of The Cosby Show. A staple of my childhood. The first show I actually remember anticipating every week. The first show I remember ending. And the show that gave us, eventually, A Different World. One of the most underrated television shows of its time. I could write a blog post on that show.

I  didn't turn my television very often this summer. Unless it was for the Olympics or a rainy afternoon, it was mostly off. I enjoyed the quiet. I read a lot. I was busy.

But shows are starting soon. And this makes me a little bit happy.

So, for the most recent list. I bring you the top television show I am most excited to watch this fall.

Parks and Recreation
Why I Watch: Have you met me? I'm a little bit Liz Lemon and a lot bit Leslie Knope. I love candy. I am fiercely dedicated to publish service, but am unlucky in love. I need my own personal Ben Wyatt. Andy and April are television's current greatest couple. And Ron Swanson is my local government dreamboat. It's chock full of the quirky humor I most appreciate. Plus, librarians are punk ass book jockeys. 

New Girl
Why I Watch:  Any single girl who likes dresses and feels awkward can relate to Jess. We all see a little bit of her in ourselves. But she's not the absolute reason why I started to watch faithfully watch this show (and all of the previous episodes) sometime in March. It's the men in her life. I can relate to Nick's finances a little too much. Schmidt is so over-the-top yet endearing. Winston just wants to get his life together. I mean, I feel like all of them rolled into one person. It's not the quirk that keeps me, but the friendships, and the acknowledgement that none of us actually know what we're doing in terms of keeping relationships together.

The Mindy Project
Why I Want to Watch:  Well, first off I loved Mindy Kaling's book. Second, Toby Ziegler is a doctor.  Other assorted reasons? I may have had a first date where I had diarrhea of the mouth in almost the exact same way as she does with Ed Helms. I once had self-imposed a ban on When Harry Met Sally because it was distorting my view on how love works. My best friends are all married and on their way (or already have) children. Oh, and I've mostly got that career part of being a wonderful woman down. 
It's the personal stuff that keeps tripping me up. 

How I Met Your Mother
Why I Watch: Of course I want to see Ted's wife. But Ted is the most boring character on this show. I'm also impressed by the layered storytelling, the foreshadowing, and the recalling of past events. I'm heavily invested in the timeline. But I mostly watch because Robin is the closest thing to a realistic single-career-driven-woman who struggles with life and love and all things that women should be and the things she wants to be. I need to see just how she gets to the part of her life where she wants to marry Barney, when she's always been adamant about not getting married. I watch because Marshall Erikson is my kind of guy: smart, loyal, funny, and believes in the Loch Ness monster. Lily reminds me of one of my greatest friends. And Barney is iconic. This is a show about growing up. And it has come to mean a lot in my own journey of growing up too.

You'll notice that drama is lacking in my list. It's hard for me to get invested in dramas because so little matches up to The West Wing and Friday Night Lights. Plus, I let it come my way through Mad Men and now, Newsroom. I may watch Nashville because I do love Connie Britton, but I think I'll wait a week or two, for reviews and personal feedback before I invest my time. 

So dear readers, what television shows are you most excited for? Any recommendations? Leave them in the comments. 

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