List #149: Bruno Mars Makes Me Cry

Sometimes I cry big fat tears that roll down my cheeks like thunder. Other times, I cry tiny hiccups of tears as I try to surpress whatever it is that is bothering me. Sometimes, I cry simple silent misty-eyed tears when Bruno Mars makes me.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't really Bruno Mars who made me cry. Though I do love him more than I should ever admit.  But the amount of love and romance in this video. I love that this man loves this woman so much that he wants to sing Bruno Mars to her. I love that he loves her so much that he took the time to plan this elaborate proposal. I love that her friends love them both so much that they took the time out to take part in this,  and clearly practice. 

We've established that I'm not overly romantic. I prefer casual dinners and beers in the living room than  fancy nights out on the town. But I like jokes. I like pop music. And I like to laugh. I want to believe so much in my heart that there is a man who wants to pop the question to me one of these days and make me laugh and smile for the rest of our lives. 

And no, I don't expect any hopeful future proposal to include my dancing parents and friends Skyping from distant locations. If it happens, I imagine it will be small and quiet and casual. That's more my style, and I'd imagine, more his too. But maybe filled with some laughter too. An inside joke. Like a few dancing Jews.

Followed by a quick ceremony. Perhaps an elopement. Maybe even fast decision we make together and come back an announce to many later.

But you know what? Maybe my scared little heart will watch this a few more times. And be grateful that love like this exists. And be happy that Bruno Mars can make me a little misty-eyed because the world is still full of happy, romantic things.

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