List #150: In the Moment

I work the late shift at the library tonight. Only a few days left to finish up summer reading odds and ends, and I'll be leading the book club tonight (Discussion: Devil in the White City, can't wait). And I am feeling a little conflicted. I had all intentions of being productive this morning. I even set my alarm for a ridiculously early hour.

But then the comfort of my bed encouraged me to hit snooze a few extra times. Current Events sucked me into spending too much time with NPR. Now I'm showered and blogging from my couch in front of my big picture window in the living room. And though maybe I should have taken a walk before I showered, I did pay some bills. And maybe I should have done my laundry, but I'm writing right now.

And in my quest to try and live with a little less anxiety and a little less worry, I'm just going to enjoy the moment. So if that means writing with a towel over my head, music playing, and sun shining in my window.

Then all of this is good.

  • Someone takes my garbage to the curb every Tuesday night.
  • I have bean tacos to make for lunch.
  • Two little owls sit on my window, next to two growing flowers.
  • There is a stack of new books to read.
  • I get quiet every night.
So dear readers, I wish you all a moment of peace today. And hope that it can continue through tomorrow.

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