Positive Project #14: Google (Commercials)

I don't know how Google does it, but somehow they make us feel sentimental and hopeful over a web browser. If you watch any TV at all, by now, you have probably seen this: 

I could watch this commercial over and over and OD on it like my favorite song.

I'm absolutely certain that there is no a snowball's chance in hell that there is an even a remote possibility that I want my ex back. I don't. Good riddance. The story of how I dodged a bullet and life is so much happier would be awesome Google commercial too.

It would read something like this:
Girl gets dumped. Girl waits around on Gchat waiting for someone to notice. Girl blocks email. Girl starts a blog. Girl gets a book contract. Girl travels the world. Girl meets a nice and handsome man who loves her who just happens to love Google too.

The last part never actually happened, but the base of the story did and I'd gladly let Google take some creative license to my story.

And in the meantime, I'll continue loving this commercial. Not because it conjures up old memories of past loves. But because it makes me hopeful that someone out there might want to love me this fiercely. It makes me excited to share a future and be vulnerable. It reminds me that even though I am not a hopeless romantic, grand gestures happen and mean something.

Google, you keep making these commercials. And men, start taking notes. We want to know how much we mean to you. We want you to make a grand gesture. We want to see you love.

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