Project #15: Bachelorette Parties

Not mine, of course. But the parties that celebrate friends who are getting married. That bring out the wildchild inside every woman. And where it's okay to get plastered in front of your future mother-in-law while drinking from a penis straw.

And while I can't really picture myself deciding to go this route if I ever have the traditional wedding. It's fun to enjoy with friends. It's fun to see the men get crazy when a bride is around. Or the men who will beg for the single girls in the bridal party to exchange numbers. As if we're all desperate and on the prowl.

So go on friends, keep getting married. And I'll keep enjoying the specials. As I take photos and request the DJ to play "Back Dat Ass Up" and run off the dance floor when "Single Ladies" start.

Because it's at Bachelorette parties where I take photos like this one. While getting to get my groove on with best friends and old friends and friends collected around the way.

So yeah, that's what I did this weekend.

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