Positive Project #13: Nail Polish

I don't have long fingernails. I don't even get the shelac or the acrylic tips because of the expensive upkeep. So it's an extremely rare occasion when I wear nail polish on them.

Yes, I have nail envy. I would love to have nails like this: 

These were Nails of the Day on HelloGiggles. 
You can guarantee if I had long fingernails I'd try for Nails of the Day every week.

But that doesn't mean I don't love nail polish. In the summer months I'll very easily buy a new shade every week. And then promptly paint my toes.

Nail Polish

It means the weather is open-toed shoe appropriate. It makes me feel girly. And it's a little bit of expression in a tiny, tiny bottle.

So tonight? When I painted my toes in anticipation of bridesmaid duties this weekend? I might have cursed my unsteady hand, but I also got really giddy for pink dresses and high heels. Even if the weather probably won't cooperate.

So dear readers, what little beauty things do you most look forward to doing? What makes you feel super girly? Or manly? 

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