Positive Project #12: A Bed of Your Own

I think my most favorite part of moving this month is the new bed.

It's the right amount of firm and the right amount of soft. I love that I have brand new sheets. And a comforter that's my personality. I love that I actually have decorative pillows that serve no purpose other than to make my bed look pretty. I make it every morning. 

I look forward to early Sunday mornings, legs just barely touching someone else's, the bedroom windows cracked, the faint sound of a distant lawnmower drifting in and waking us from sleep. I look forward to those lazy evenings that start out as going to bed early, but turn into long talks in the dark. Learning more about each other, putting our baggage on the table, sleeping soundly after discovering secrets. 

But until that happens, I like sleeping on the diagonal. I like hogging all of the covers. And I like reading books before I sleep.

So dear readers, are you someone who likes sleeping alone or with company? 

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