Positive Project #11: Chilly Nights

It's late on a Saturday night. And if I was younger, I might be out drinking until I was ready to make out with a stranger in the corner. If I was more social, I might be at some swanky party. And If I had more money, I might be having a fancy dinner out. But none of those things are true.

Instead, there is a bridal shower tomorrow afternoon for a cousin.  There is a minimal amount of money in my checking account. There is another busy week just dangling on the horizon after 6 consecutive days of working. There is a playoff hockey game to be played.

It's likely that I spent the latter part of my evening in the tub, with a book that has a narrating librarian. Texting a certain person. Enjoying silence. Finding comfort in the fact that Unplugged albums are still a thing. Wondering if the knot in my lower back will ever go away. Listening to old Ani DiFranco songs. And placing a few silent wishes out into the great wide open.

The night air is chillier than it should be this time of year. And I'm thankful that when I finally nest inside my queen sized bed alone, that I can bundle under the comforter. I'm thankful for the cold air that reminds me even seasons have a hard time changing. I'm thankful for silence that only I can break. I'm thankful for nights that aren't interrupted by cries or sadness or drunk texts or arguments.

You may make it hard to decide what to wear, Mother Nature. But tonight I'm glad you are trying to tell us to bundle up and take care, still showing us the promise of sunshine to come.

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