List # 144: Songs I Don't Want To Like

But do.

Spring is my least favorite season. It's too wet and wish-washy for my taste. But I do love the warmer weather. I like that this type of weather let's my tightless-legs feel ballsy and do things that don't naturally come to my cautious soul.

And when I'm in these types of moods, I find myself seeking out new music. Or in the very least, paying attention to tunes a little more closely than I do during the dark days of winter when I just seek comfort.  This spring (okay, so it's not technically spring yet. but almost) I seem to have a little jar of songs that I adore even though I don't want to. I can't shake them, even if upon first listen my head was saying "No Way."

Somebody that I Used to Know ~ Goyte (featuring Kimbra) 
This is kind of the "it' indie song right now. It's everywhere. And I wanted to much to not to fall into its clutches because it starts off sounding too pretentious. Then you have to deal with all of the people who   lay claims on discovering Goyte years ago. Oh, and then there is the video/album cover art that reminds me too much of bad artwork that hung in your aunt's house during the '80s. But damn it. This song is good.  No matter where you are, it sucks you into reminding you about someone you used to know. And Kimbra! How yes, that person did screw you over. How much it took to realize you didn't want to live that way! And then, finally...the thought of how, as grown adults, creep into our current relationships. How it takes work to let the pain go. But oh! that Kimbra verse just makes it.

We Found Love ~ Rihanna
I don't go clubbing and this song isn't exactly new. I'm 30 and old. The Rihanna who sang Umbrella has long been gone. Replaced by a lot of tattoos and hair that occasionally looks like Carrot Top. I know we aren't suppose to like Chris Brown (and I don't) but I also don't really like Rihanna anymore. I find her to be someone who tries too hard to be different. And on a personal level, it's hard to see a young woman make repeatedly bad decisions. But this song makes me want to be dancing on a Greek Island, in some small disco just off the town square. Maybe add another six inches to my hair and lots of alcohol too.  It's the song that could be the gateway to fun.

Stereo Hearts  ~ Gym Class Heroes (featuring Adam Levine)
Okay, so I'm pretty sure I only really like this song for Adam Levine's belting of "My Heart's a stereo...." I imagine him singing this to me in one of those chunky Grandpa sweaters he's been wearing on The Voice. Maybe he's cooking me some dinner while he does this. That part is negotiable. What is not negotiable is us poking fun at Cee-Lo's cat.

Drive By ~ Train
Oh my god. This is the song I'm most embarrassed to put on this list. 'Cause here is the thing. I do not like Train. In fact, the only song I ever like of Train was "Drops of Jupiter" because I was in college and it was kind of cute back then. But this is as close to "Drops of Jupiter" as they've ever come. A poppy little love song that isn't completely over-the-top. With a line like like "my love went viral" how can you not kind of love this song. It's ridiculous but fun. However, this is the first time I watched the video and they do lose some points for that.  Despite myself, this is the spring-time song that kind of makes it fun to be corny and cute.

So dear readers, what songs are you hating to love recently? Share them in the comments!

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