List #145: Friday Happiness

I've had a bruised and battered week. Literally. And my mission to find simple happiness kind of keeps getting thwarted by life stuff and I'm just a little tired of being an adult.

I want to be able to whine and cry. I want to be able to get a little bitchy and say what's on my mind. I want someone to prove their self to me. I want to be taken care of and have all that adult-stuff I need to take care to be on hold for one day. I don't want to feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick for the remainder of the weekend.

But since the chances of any of that actually happening are slim today. I'm seeking my own happiness.

Starting with:
Ira Glass
You already know I love him. And one of my favorite things to do is store up This American Life Podcasts and then binge on them. This is only ruined when they decide to have too many repeats in a short period of time. But his smooth voice makes starting a Friday so much better.

Otis Redding
A long time ago, a man that I used to have a thing with or for put this on a mixed CD for me. I don't really remember the reason for the CD. I think he was homesick and trying to make up for some of the time he was awful to me. I have no idea if he he knew at that time how sad I was in my then-current relationship. How neglected I felt and how my needs weren't being met. But he definitely knew how much I was committed to it. But ever since, this song has been one of those gems that I pull out when I need to feel that sometimes it isn't me who has to put forth the effort. Sometimes showing a little tenderness goes a long way.

Friends with Kids/Adam Scott/Jon Hamm

All of the reviews of this movie keep warning everyone that it's not a Bridesmaids reunion like we might think considering the writer and cast. But hello, I don't want a Bridesmaids reunion. And I have no idea if I would walk away from this movie being more frustrated with the talk about kids or laughing and thinking "thank god that's no my life." But I like to see movies that reflect the struggles we face. And I'm even okay with walking away feeling more like Megan Fox than any other character (she's the career-driven one) if it means that I get to look at Adam Scott and Jon Hamm for more than a half hour. Who wants to be my date?
I'm wearing the color green today because it is St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. And I have a pretty Irish-sounding name and people are always disappointed if I'm not extremely happy about St. Patricks' Day. I hope to have a few beers tomorrow, but it remains to be seen. But I do look grown-up cute today. Plus, I look good in green.

See. Now that I've focused on things that make me happy. I'm feeling like I can celebrate this Friday the way it was meant to be already. Let's hope it holds up. What happy are you channeling today, readers?

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