List #142: The Gruppies

I'll be honest in that I really have nothing to complain about. The weather in Pittsburgh is gorgeous right now, I have a new adventure on the horizon, professionally I'm challenged and enjoying my work. But despite all of my happy, I'm still a bit grumpy. It's the gruppies really. A strong case of the grump even if my sense of rationality tells me I am happy.

I'm the kind of grumpy that wishes NPR was the only human interaction I had all day. My grumpiness makes it hard to concentrate. It makes me angry that I have to see headlines about Snooki's pregnancy in every news outlet. Or that women are going gaga over a self-published erotic novel. Enough with the crap already people.  Enough with the mediocre. Ttreat yo' self to some cashmere.

So in a challenge to right the bad mood that is sitting on my shoulders, I'm writing a list of 3 things out in the world that make me happy today.

  • Taylor Kitsch. I still don't know what John Carter is about and I have no intention of seeing it. He's not even my regular type of man. But I just want him to be like Tim Riggins so much that it is making me pull for this actor's big success.
  • Andy Sandberg as Sarah Palin. Yes, Tina does it better. And Stefan made an appearance this weekend. But this was the highlight of SNL for me. I've watched it 3 times and I still crack up with Andy says "Da Bears."
  • Parenthood.  If you ask me why I'm watching this show on Netflix, I will honestly tell you that I don't have an answer. Probably out of late-night boredom. I am not a parent, have no intention of being one anytime soon and probably have more in common with the angsty teenager than I do the adults on the show. But it's still pretty good and it is definitely making me see Dax Shepard in a new light. 
So folks, 3 is a rough way to start happiness on a Monday. Feel free to add more of your own and fight the gruppies as hard as we can.

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