List #141: Reasons Why You're Winning This Monday

It's snowing here in Pittsburgh today. A cruel, though pretty reminder, that we're still technically in winter despite what Mother Nature has been suggesting. Even if you're putting on your best outfit and favorite shoes this morning, it's tough getting started on Monday mornings.

And since, over the weekend, I talked to a few women who felt as if they were failing in some department: not being able to score a date, getting passed over for that promotion at work, leaving their child's special outfit at home, ruining a DIY project, seeing a guy they like slip through their fingers, having no money for a vacation, home furnishings breaking. You name it, one of us going through it.

So this is for all of the smart and beautiful women who are trying with all of their might to be the best version of themselves today.

I'm imagining the Spice Girls singing Girl Power anthems to all of us today.

Reasons Why We Women are Winning:

  • We drank that entire bottle of wine on Saturday night. And didn't get sick.
  • We won that game of Words with Friends. Against the friend who always manages to beat you.
  • We bought a new shirt. On clearance.
  • We started a new craft project. With bright new yarn and a special someone in mind.
  • Our children laugh a lot. And make funny noises too.
  • We're not dating an ashole. Enough said.
  • We're a Fantasy Football champ. And guys love that.
  • We aren't foolish enough to go outside without tights. Cold legs aren't worth it.
  • We finished that book that's been sitting on your night table since Christmas. And you fell in love.
  • We took a time out and watched Love Actually this weekend. Thanks, ABC Family.
  • We are heading committees. And working for the greater good, not popular opinion.
  • We played the same song over and over again. And shook our bottoms in the bedroom.
  • We're having the best sex of our lives. And sometimes we just want to brag.
  • Our laundry is done. And smells so fresh and clean.
So dear readers, why are we women winning this morning? Leave it in the comments and spread some love.

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