List #140: Things I Can't Get Enough Of, Round 1

It's Friday. The sun is shining even though by tomorrow night we'll have snow. I'm wearing jeans to work and my hair looks awesome this morning.

I may not be able to pin down a date and I may not have any travel plans set in the near future. I may keep seeing an old, shady neighbor who creeps me out and Dr. Seuss may be groaning at the product placements connected with The Lorax.

But it the first Friday of March 2012 and I'm in love.

With what?
Little Talks ~ Of Monsters and Men
I've never been to Iceland but I know I want to live there. And this Islandic band is my new over-dose favorite.
How I Met Your Mother Recaps ~ Vulture
Season 7 isn't even close to being the best season of this show. So why am I addicted to reading The Vulture's recaps this year? Is it because I don't have any more Downton Abbey recaps to read? Or because I love reading possible series ending pitches by commentators? Or because I want Robin to be happy even if it means never getting married? Or because Ted is at his best when he's being a friend and not telling a woman he loves her? Yeah, it's probably all of this.

Not Reading ~ Well, not reading anything that has me raving
I'm on a mission to read 52 books this year. And as part of this mission I'm trying to widen the gap on the type of stuff I read. Adding more graphic novels, children's literature, and young adult books. And so far, in the first two months of the year, I've managed to finish 10 books. But even if I'm giving a 5-star rating title (The Fault in our Stars, John Green) I am still not addicted to it. Here we are, it's March. And I haven't fallen in love with any book just yet. It's half-killing me, and half-thrilling me. Wondering, as I place the new fiction orders each month, which book is going to grip me from the inside out.

P.S. The photo for not reading is the cover of one of my favorite children's books of 2011. I love funny picture books.

So dear readers, what can't you get enough of this week? Share and maybe we'll all have a few new obsessions.

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