Guest Post #4: The Crafty Single Homeowner

I am so incredibly far aware from owning my home that it's almost embarrassing.  But this woman is not.

Meet Deb. Librarian, Blogger, and Crafty Homeowner

Deb keeps track of her crafting and home-owning over at The Crafty Single Female Homeowner  and she should definitely blog more. Her crafts (and library ideas) are the type that make me wish I had about 5% more craftiness in my bones so that my finished projects could look about half as good as hers. 

And because single librarians have to stick together (and because her family member lives in Pittsburgh) we met up for some single-librarian talk one Friday afternoon not too long ago over tea (both iced and hot). I can assure you she's as sassy and no frills as her picture suggests. She's a force to be reckoned with world, so watch out. I pretty much want to buy a house and have her sew accessories for it because you know I'll never be able to have a book shelf that looks like this:

She's an organized librarian. Me? Not so much.

So of course the organized, single, crafty and lover of fashion blogger wrote a list of numbers and things she has acquired. I keep meaning to get around to doing the same inventory, but am quite afraid at what I'd discover.

Deb's List of Things She has Acquired Through Single Life and Homeowner-ship:

Blogs I Subscribe to - 72
Minutes I drive to work each day- 65
Cardigans I own - 23 (then adjusted later to 24)
Nieces and nephews I have - 12
Countries I've visited - 12
Storytimes I do in a month -12
Years I played hockey - 11
Concussions I've had - 3
Years I've been a librarian - 3
Costumes I've sewn - 2
Boyfriends I've had - 2
Times I've been in love - 1

But there is more than numbers to Deb, so she did answer a few questions:

Q: What should readers know about you?
A: I'm a librarian by day, single female homeowner by night and weekend. I'm addicted to scarves with a fondness for tote bags. I only have 2 cats, so this does not make me the crazy cat lady. That's what I keep telling myself, at least. I've taken on some huge projects at my house and attack each one with relish and abandon. Just not expertise. In the last few years I've gotten quite good at not sweating the small stuff. I do sweat the big stuff.

I work for a living, but love what I'm doing. Really, my job is awesome. I get to dance with my thumbs up, shoulders back, bottom up, tongue out, eyes closed, and turning around. And then sometimes I roll around the floor like a steamroller. You should be jealous you don't have my job.

I'm also really good at coming up with projects to do (she swears embroidery is the perfect winter hobby). Researching random things. And making babies smile.

Q: Why do you blog?
A: I blog mostly because I am an over-sharer. I like everyone to know and see everything and be a part of my life. Maybe it comes from having too many years of being alone? Blogging makes me feel a part of something bigger.

Q: Since you are a librarian, and this is a librarian's blog, what book would you say belongs on every single girl's shelf?
A: My first instinct is Graceling. Because Katsa is a strong, independent female. Even when she becomes involved with Po, she maintains her independence and never once did she NEED him, she wanted him. I think that is what made this such a beautiful love story. As much as I love reading romances about characters who need something from each other (I'm looking at you, historical romance playing the "you can't inherit until you find someone to marry and produce heirs" card). Katsa and Po's story was so beautiful because it was their desire and respect for each other that drove their relationship. Plus Katsa takes names and kicks ass.

What other things is the crafty, single homeowner keeping track of?

Favorite Book Things: Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, John Sandford, The Secret Garden, historical romances, Graceling, Harry Potter

Favorite Movies and TV Things: True Blood, DIY Network, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Project Runway, Teen Mom, Criminal Minds, Jeopardy, Wipeout, Modern Family, Community, Outsourced, The Princess Bride, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Bringing Up Baby, Harry Potter

Food Things: Italian, Greek, Tender Medium Rare Steaks, Garlic, Bread, Ice Cream, Greek Yogurt, Granola

Music Things: Susan Tedeschi, Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond, Kylie Minogue, 80s Hair Bands

Seriously, Deb puts my list-making to shame. Her ability kicks ass.

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