List #133: The In-Between Girl

Sometimes I wish I was a songwriter. The girl with the glasses and guitar, wearing skinny jeans and dyed red hair, on stage softly singing powerful songs about all that's been won and lost in life. But I have have no singing voice and I couldn't read sheet music if my life depended on it. Plus, I never did learn to play an instrument other than the 4th-grade recorder.

Because no matter what I may write here, it doesn't quite pack the punch like this does:
And I know it's not a new song, it's been in my iTunes catalog for years now, but a friend who knows me better than many sent it my way last night. Just a link in an email, with nothing else, because they knew. And if I had those song writing powers, what would my song be about?

Maybe I would sing:
  • About struggling with letting go of her own caution. And how hard it can be to let go of control when she had to struggle to keep it all in control for so long.
  • A ballad to the those married couples who seem to forget how hard it is on the single fun-side of the fence.
  • About the balance of a career woman and how waking up in the middle of the night thinking about work goes back and forth between being a dream and a nightmare.
  • A lullaby to the dreams of men gone by without much of explanation. Heartbreaking without being gut-wrenching. 
  • About the woman who has inkling she just might be the one everyone wants to f*ck but no one wants to marry.
  • An epic about paying bills and putting off vacations. Filled with tales of medical stories and aging parents and the solitary moments that go along.
  • About the orgasms that shook her body to the exiles of bliss and then another all about the ones that weren't. 
  • A pop anthem to all of those married and old men who peer down the shirt a little too long as if her unattached body was open for all to enjoy.
  • About the fear that maybe she just doesn't recognize the truth. And the panic that arises when it seems as if time is running out, she just didn't get the memo, and that maybe she is destined to escape the affairs and divorces and sexless nights and children by just staying single. 
  • An indie hit about the power of a good black dress and a high pair of heels. How the tall girl can walk into a room and know that at least 3 people want to make out with her in the corner and how at least 1 person thinks she has it all together.
So dear readers, if you were writing a song today? What would you want to shout at the top of your lungs? 

But you can bet that I'd want to use a retro microphone to complete the look of it all. 

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