Letter #32: Things I Want You to Know, Part 7

Dear Sarris Chocolate,
News broke this morning that your building is on fire. And I hope that the damage isn't too bad and soon business up and running again. You're a Pittsburgh staple, home of one of my favorite memories of my grandfather, a place where I know I can always find Satellite wafers and magical chocolate castles. I might just have to buy a few chocolate pretzel candy bars today and squirrel them away. This city needs you.

Dear Brian Williams,
You really the news' best man. I'd really like you to a program where you just read books on TV. Or you know, come to my library and do that. Should have arranged it when I saw you on the streets during the G20. Oh, missed opportunities. Scott Pelley, and his watery eyes (can we get an explanation on this) has nothing on you. 

Dear Belts,
Thank you for cinching my waist at the right spot. You make having curves a little easier and flattering. And I think we both love it when someone's hands go right curves and softly trail down and rest on the hips.

Dear Man at Starbucks (MIA),
I think I've given up on running into you early in the morning. Maybe your schedule has changed, maybe you're living and working in a different part of town. Whatever the reason, I've come to not look for your spider in the long Friday lines. Instead, I just seem more in tune to the city's head tattoos: hockey games, on the street, at the mall. I had no idea this was a trend. Yours will always be the best though.

Dear Superbowl,
I have to admit, you're not really high on my anticipation list with teams like the Patriots and Giants playing. In fact, it's kind of hard for me to imagine a worse match-up. But that doesn't mean I won't be winning. Of course the only time where my excitement is at a peak is when it's a Steelers Super Bowl, but I believe in sharing and we can't be there every year. But do me one little favor? Stop leaking the commercials on the web before Sunday night. It's just taking some fun out of it. And really, no one cares about Madonna anymore...bring back NSync, Nelly, and Aerosmith. That was a combination.


Brassy Librarian

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