List #132.5: 29 Things to Love

Rabbits. Rabbits.

So welcome, February. The cruelest month, despite poet's opinions. So thank goodness for your brevity. Even with an additional day, a leap year gift, the month can't last forever. I've got that nervous-excitement about you, February. Because I'm happy yet feeling overwhelmed with commitment. Good things are on the horizon and life has a little haze of rose around it right now. I'd like the haze to become a glow.

And because I refuse to the let February's reputation of sadness, cold and defeat even think about entering my world. And because February is simultaneously known for love. I give you today's list...

 Of 29 things I love.

1. Wearing Pink. And fitting in with a theme without seeming like a primary school teacher.
2. Soup. Because what else fills the gut and warms the soul.
3. High heels. You can't stop the pretty.
4. Babies trying to feed you their dinner. It just never stops being adorable and funny.
5. Forgiveness. It's just a lot easier than being angry.
6. Blankets. No matter the temperature, on a winter night they make all the difference.
7. Friendships. The friends in my life never stop amazing me.
8. Chai. The hearty tea that fills me without a breakfast.
9. Tea. I'm not too picky, I just appreciate a warm pot.
10. My family. Bumps and bruises included.
11. New. Despite the appearance, I like discovering this path.
12. Compromise. In its truest form, it's actually not that hard to do.
13. Warm Weather. For each day, it's a little victory against winter.
14. Kisses. No one can ever truly get tired of making out.
15. Umbrellas. They should be a bright reflection of you, popping out against gloom.
16. Being better than those who have come before. If we try, then I do think that's half the battle.
17. Being unrecognizable. I love seeing people I've known from the past and they can't identify me.
18. Presidents who can sing Al Green. No reason for a vote, but definitely one for a smile.
19. Myself. What more needs to be said about this.
20. Sales. Thank you for occurring more than twice a year.
21. Long-sleeved dresses. Making winter wear sexy and warm.
22. Corsets. The lingerie made for a curvy girl.
23. Storytime crafts. And the little hands that need my approval before they leave.
24. Super Bowl Commercials. Without the Steelers, they could be the best thing about the game.
25. Possibility. There is more positive floating around out there than negative.
26. Banjo. My favorite instrument that makes songs better.
27. Blank spaces. To fill in what is missing and to discover what belongs.
28. Earrings. The only piece of jewelry I never want to go without.
29. Leap Year. To be grateful for one more day.

So dear readers, as we start the second month of the year...tell us, what do you love?

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