List #131: Never Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Watch Television

We're going to reach that casual part of the relationship, when dates together mean less time out in public and more time spent in your living room. And this is going to be okay. Our nights preferred to be spent with tea or wine and a book or let's face it, our favorite television shows. Even before we met each other.

So when we're sitting on the couch, sharing pizza or Chinese take-out or perhaps even my favorite chili, you'll recognize that I'm a little more Leslie Knope than I care to admit. My type-A personality is "just enough of a challenge," you'll say. And you understand that the reason why I cheer for Robin Scherbatsky is because I've got my own walls built. "Those old things," you'll say as you tap the bottom of my foot, perhaps not forgetting the the tiniest brush of touch can cause me to go into a fit of tickles.

We'll joke with each other about TV crushes. April, Ben, Joan, Josh. And not really care how geeky we sound.

And as the nights move on and morning starts to appear through the not-quite-dark-enough curtains in your bedroom, we'll move closer together. Finding spots in each other's nooks. Poking fun of the shows we don't share. And breathing in small sighs of happiness.

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