List #130: Morning Songs

When I finally stopped hitting the snooze button this morning and got out of bed, all I could think about was how soon I could return to it. I don't even like my current bed and am desperately waiting for upgrade with my new location this spring. But it doesn't matter how uncomfortable your bed is, leaving the blankets and the warmth is always a rough thing to do. But in reality, I know I won't nap this evening. My arrival home from work just past the appropriate napping time. So lazing away in bed for a few extra minutes is about as good as it's going to get until bedtime comes again.

And now that I'm in throwing myself into my morning routine, my thoughts keep wandering back to bed and the perfect songs for perfect morning lie-ins.

Single Girls ~ Laura Jansen
For those mornings when it feels both refreshing and a struggle to face the day alone again. Perhaps you don't even miss a certain someone, it's just daunting to think about putting on high heels and a smile to pay the bills and watch everyone else go on fancy vacations.

Here Comes the Sun ~ George Harrison
Appropriate to play just as spring is breaking through the icy shield of winter. When you can feel your world getting brighter and the possibilities of a new, less dark season are happening at sunrise. But also equally appropriate to play in the dark days of winter when salt is still caked on your shoes and you're worried about the next big snow storm. Literally and figuratively. No bed partner needed either. You can do this.

The Righteous Path ~ Drive-By Truckers
For those mornings when the day is already stacked up, odds not in your favor, before you're even out of the shower. But you know when you dry off you're still going to pick out a favorite outfit, make a mean pot of coffee and put a little badass into your day. 

Navy Taxi ~ Kate Nash
Rainy mornings. Perhaps hungover from a few extra post-happy hour drinks. You're not sure where you've left your umbrella. And you're not really sure what is going on with the guy you've been seeing. But you're trying, my goodness, you're trying to do the right thing and sort it all out. And you'd appreciate it if certain people kept their opinions to themselves and maybe you should just stay off of Facebook today to avoid reading those happy status updates from people you knew fifteen years ago.

So dear readers, what songs would you recommend for the morning? Share your favorites in the comments.

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