List #129: Helpful Hints, Warnings, & Other Misellanea

Wouldn't dating be a little easier if we could pass a suitor a note, early on in relationship (but not so early as to scare them or put added pressure on a potential new beginning) that kind of let them know what to look for, what you're good at and what you're always trying to improve?

  • Sometimes I get the hangries. It's when I'm angry because I'm hungry. This could happen when we're out all day and haven't stopped to eat or when I'm just a fool who bypassed breakfast and lunch. If you see the hangries creeping up, it's best to just put a greasy hamburger in front of me without even suggesting I eat (I'll probably just get angry at your for thinking that I'm hangry) and I would definitely warn against saying something negative about my outfit, my family or even the weather. I promise though, it will pass, as soon as I eat that hamburger. And maybe french fries.
  • I'm going to get really good at remembering your important dates. Birthday, job interview, your brother's wedding anniversary? Once they come up on the calendar, I'll remember them for as long as needed. I'm the type of girl who rarely even uses a planner because I can visualize the year sprawling out in my head. 
  • I exaggerate. I'll tell you that I have 39483 things to do when really the list probably hovers at about 50. I'll tell you that I'm starving when I could probably just use a snack. I'll say I'm freaking out when really I'm just curious. I like to think this trait is tied to my love of a good story, but I recognize it's not always useful in daily life. I want you to know I'm working on it and that I'm trying to trim back the fat to just get the meat of the story. 
  • I'd like you to ask me out. I'm a planner. Not because I'm so type-A that I can't go with the flow. When we're together, you'll soon learn than just about anything goes. But because my life is full and I try to balance work and love and play. And you asking for some of my time will just make me melt. 
  • You'll probably have to get used to me leaving things at your place. If things go well. I just have a tendency to leave piles of stuff. But I promise to make your bed and maybe even leave you a little surprise or two. 
  • I'm great at giving small presents on average days. Cookies, candy, tiny little tokens that remind me of an inside joke. They're yours.
There's probably a lot more, but I guess we should save some things for discovery. What would want to tell someone upfront? 

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