List #128: Daily Conversations

Last night a friend of mine sent me some text messages. She was a few martinis past happy hour and feeling the itch to text a man who doesn't deserve her attention. It's the curse of a single woman who can buy that extra drink at happy hour: to battle the drunk text, to ignore the man we don't want to ignore so hard. And all of this is certainly something I've done before and will more than likely do again. Because in all honesty? This is what I talk about most days:

And part of it, I hate so much. I hate that my single friends and I still worry about the men in our lives (or the lack of them).  Ryan Gosling probably shouldn't come up in conversations multiple times a week. 

But the other part, I really like. I'm not ready to trade these topics in for tips on potty training just yet. And really, what single woman doesn't like to talk about Ryan Gosling. Swoon.

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