List #127: Things on the Internet

This is what I like on the Internet lately:

I wish Pittsburgh Dad could be a guest storyteller at preschool storytime. This would probably be more enjoyable for the adults than the children.

I would really like to write for Hello Giggles. And if I can't write for them, I think my own friends and I should design our own site for fabulous 30-somethings.

Not only is Leslie Knope my favorite woman on television. 
I want to move to Pawnee and become the first librarian they actually all like. 

This is what I don't like on the Internet lately:
  • Anything having to do with Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby. Their behavior was disrespectful. It sets the wrong example and perpetuates the selfish thought of America. 
  • Anything having to do with Tim Tebow. He lost and I'm so happy. Football is game. Jesus is on no one's side. Anyway, the Steelers have Troy Polamalu and he's the nicest religious football player around and we didn't win either. 
  • Anything having to do with bodily fluids. I noticed too much sharing about child and dog poo on Facebook yesterday. Let's not let this continue further into 2012.
So dear readers, what has you occupied on the Internet? And what are you so desperately avoiding? I'm always looking for a distraction.

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