List #126: My Own Type of Woman

On this day, where the weather is about to turn from rain to snow. And the local weathermen seem so extremely pleased to smugly tell us that winter has arrived and will be dumping snow on the Pittsburgh streets tonight, this is what I'm thinking about.

I'm the 30-year old woman:
  • Has come to be cautious about every move. 
  • Often getting passed over for the other girl-next-door.
  • Who is leaving her baggage on the side of the road, one package at a time.
  • Is crushing on Mac Miller. You know, he's 19 and a rapper. And nothing like the guy I would have crushed on at 19. But he writes and sings this: 
And I'm a sucker for those who confess their love of Pittsburgh so proudly

  • Who is going to offer to do your dishes on a lazy Sunday morning and meant it. 
  • But won't overstep her boundaries and put them away until some things are established.
  • Has a deep love of Pittsburgh. But still kind of doesn't picture herself settling here.
  • Is 5'8'' and wears high heels more often than she wears flats.
  • Has married men hit on her.
  • But don't worry, is not the type of woman who would entertain their offers and allusions.
  • Is the unspoken back-up plan for men who like to flirt and make out.
  • Now gets comments when she isn't wearing her glasses.
  • Has stopped putting 2 spaces after a period when writing informally. But formally? Forget it.
  • Looks amazingly hot today. And is disappointed it's only for work.
  • Wants a nice, romantic dinner.
  • Striving to be more comfortable with small public displays of affection.
  • Is very glad she has a tough pair of winter boots.
So dear readers, what makes you you at the moment? 

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