Moments: Yia Mas!

Once upon a time I lived in Greece. It was years ago. Before YouTube was invented, before wireless Internet was the standard, before everyone we knew had a smartphone and connected their life to Facebook. I worked at night, teaching classes to eager and not-so eager students. I tried my best at the New York Times crossword in my town's square, drank Nescafe and ate Happy Hippos. I went to the beach on the weekend and drank hot chocolate next to the sea when the weather was cold.

And when dinner was to be had, or you wanted a cheap buzz, the man with the golden key was always to be found. Retsina. Wine that tastes like pine. An acquired taste I don't even register anymore even years after my last glass.

Who knew that when I left my little Greek town that people laugh at when I reference it would be years before a reunion. I never thought that the decisions I was making at the time might set me adrift for awhile, might make me feel lost. And yes, who knows if I'd be me if I'd have stayed or said no the job offer I had upon my return. But what I do know is that a good meal, with a good friend, over a bottle or two with Malamatina is worth the trip to Astoria.

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