List #115: Anniversary

Happy Job Anniversary to me! Today marks one year at my new library. My library is small; a suburban branch near the city that gets lots of traffic and many old men who like to read the newspapers in the morning. It's kind of been a magical professional year for me. And I don't know where the next year will take me, but I will fully admit and sing from the hills that I am one lucky for woman. Because I have found a profession, a career and a job that I love with all of my heart.

Anniversary Reflections:

  • Since starting at my library last December I have been in the paper four times. Three as features in the local papers and once as a highlight in the Post-Gazette for a program we ran this summer.
  • I presented a poster at a pretty big library conference this fall.
  • Our children's section is under major renovation and it is a project that thrills in me in such a geeky way.
  • I have business cards. And on occasion, I get to hand them out.
  • I love that my desk is a place that I can hang photos of American libraries, my favorite babies in the world, friends and family.
  • Program numbers, increased. New storytime options introduced.
  • Hearing people in the community talk about the great things my library does and having the pleasure of knowing that's me who is partly doing it.
  • Wearing heels to work for the first time in my professional life on a regular basis and loving how I feel.
So, thank you awesome professional year. Thank you, library gods, for giving me a wonderful place to work with amazing coworkers. Thank you, job, for brining the good and giving me clarity in a year that wasn't always. I appreciate you and look forward to building with you more.

So dear readers, is it about time that I quit calling my library "new library?" What is one of your favorite professional moments of the last year? Share in the comments!

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