List #114: Single Girl Christmas

Some of you might be shocked when I tell you that I'm in a Fantasy Football League. And love to see my competitive side shine through. It's al all-girls league started 5 years ago by the a college/Greece friend who loves sports a *little* bit more than your average Pittsburgher. I know a few of the ten women involved in the league through college but others I'm just meeting this year. 

And it was one of them, a strong independent lady living in PA's favorite neighbor, that inspired the notion of "Single Girl Christmas." We don't have to worry about the lavishing the big bucks on a significant other and their extended families and it is the season that brings along the blues with the joys, so why not treat your self and put some holiday cheer in your own life. 

So, buget be damned, I'm heading to this place tomorrow evening. For a little bit of Big Apple Christmas. I'll be visiting our Fantasy Football Commissioner, partaking in an ugly Christmas sweater party and going to see the Rockefeller tree. I hear it hails from our homestate this year. 

So, Single Girl Christmas Gift 1 Objectives:
  • Locate holiday joy. This December doesn't quite feel right and probably won't because we're all still missing a dear family member so much that it can hurt. But I think channeling my inner Elf might stir some jingle in me.
  • Relax. The next few weeks at the library are packed full of programs and responsibilities. This trip isn't about packing in the sites as it is about getting out of my routine and enjoying someplace different.
  • Embrace 30. My host for the weekend is celebrating her 30th birthday this week. I see wine and the best decade yet to come in our future.
  • Treat Yo Self 2011. I'm quickly approaching my year-job anniversary. I've conquered personal challenges. It's time to enjoy a reward.
  • Reboot. Perhaps it's time to recharge my batteries before the next challenges, worries and adventures make their way into the next 365 days.
So, dear friends, do you support Single Girl Christmas? Will you be celebrating yourself? And if so, please give us your secrets!

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  1. I celebrated it last year, and I remember loving the freedom it allowed me. I've been dating someone for 6 months, and although I'm not single anymore, I'm still single in spirit. I'm going to go wherever and do whatever I want this holiday :)