Letter #26: Librarian Seeks Guest Bloggers

Dear Bloggers of the 'Burgh and Beyond,

I've got my fingers crossed that you're itching for something new to tackle in 2012. When January comes upon us I'll be quickly approaching my one-year blog anniversary and I want to shake it up just a bit. 

See, I started this blog to help with my emotions when the best person I thought I knew (at the time) walked out on our relationship. I was lost, I was scared and it was winter. But throughout the last 12 months this blog has grown to be so much more. 

But lately? I'm feeling as if I'm slowly hitting a wall. It's not that I've run out of things to say, it's just that I don't always want to reveal everything in my current situation. Can I say I've been on dates? Sure. But tell you the dirty details of each one? Or talk too much about a situation that is new? I'm too cautious and my lips don't kiss and tell. And this may be a librarian's blog but I've never been one to tell library secrets. I just like alliteration and love that I am a librarian.

So here is what I'm hoping. I'd love to have some bloggers guest write a list or a letter (or both) in the new year. You can write about anything: lists of Pittsburgh crushes, the books you always meant to read, your favorite swoon moments from the opposite sex. And letters dedicated to your favorite jeans, an ode to the boy from high school who isn't on Facebook, an angry message to your burnt toast. I'll post it on my blog, give you and your blog some love. We may even throw in a Q&A if you're interested.

In addition? I'll write my own list or letter that reflects yours. You wrote a letter to your first pet, Celery the Guina Pig? I'll write a letter the aquarium fish I got as a First Eucharist present. Get personal. If you write a list of all the things members of the opposite do that make you swoon on a first date? I will too. 

All I ask is that you have a blog, keep it suitable for work, and are willing to set up a post due date. We'll work together and have fun, I promise. If you're interested leave me a comment below with your name, blog link and email address if you'd like. Or just send me an email directly with your blog and idea.

Remember, the original title of this blog was "New Year, New Things" a mantra I whispered to myself all hours of the day when I first started this adventure. I'm hoping for some new inspiration soon.

Brassy Librarian

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