Letter #27: Things I Want You to Know, Part 5

Dear Girl in line behind me at Starbucks (approximately 8:05 this morning),
Thank you for tapping me on the shoulder and telling me you love my outfit. You went so far as to tell me that I look really pretty; you knew that an unsolicited comment can make a woman's day. I hope that your kindness is repaid later today.

Dear Avett Brothers,
I appreciate your songs and about love and hate and everything in-between. I like spending my mornings with bearded men who understand that we're all a little complicated. But that nothing is as complicated as it appears.

Dear Barista at Starbucks last night (approximately 5:15 pm),
I was there having an after-work chai tea with a friend. Wrapping up on a tough year for both of us and looking ahead to what the new year might offer. You don't know me, because I'm usually there in the morning but even so, when I joked about you not knowing the cup size that really didn't warrant calling me a bitch. Yes, I heard you and yes, I should have reported your ass. But it is Christmas and my friend didn't want me to waste the time. But now I kind of regret my decision and hope that you get better customer service skills under the tree this year.

Dear Christmas Cards,
I wish that more people sent you. You're one of the best things about the holidays. And I hope that one day someone will want me to sign his name on ours, together.

Dear Saks Fifth Avenue (New York City),
Sure, I could probably get the same service in our Pittsburgh location that will be shutting its doors soon. But when a single girl walks into those revered 5th Avenue doors and walks out with a brand new lipstick she kind of feels as if the world might change in that instant. One day, I hope I can walk out with a brand new pair of shoes.

Dear Man at Starbucks,
Though I have a feeling that you're not the type of man who embraces Christmas carols, I'm sure you're the type of man who hangs lights outside, to please the one who shares your bed, without griping. If we don't get to bump into each other, and share a small smile, before Christmas I can only hope that the new year is started with you and your head tattoo.

Happy Holidays.

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