List #107: What I Want to Hear

Waking up this morning was hard. Even though the temperature is suppose to rise and we're in store for another beautiful day here in Pittsburgh, the mornings are chilly and frost is on the ground. Today was a morning when I wanted to succumb to the lazy and lonely and just stay tucked under a few blankets, dreaming about fish and thinking about the future.

Sometimes I feel as if I am constantly learning that I cannot control anything except my own decisions. I accept this on a daily basis, but then every few weeks I just want the universe to take care of me and give me what I desire. Simple things: a massage, a trip a Scandinavian country, a new wardrobe. Not that they would make my life perfect, but a little happy surprise would make a little shinier. And this is not because I'm unhappy. This autumn in my hometown has been one of my best ever. I feel loved, I feel sexy, I feel accomplished, I feel challenged.

I just want things to be easy today. I just want a little gift, perhaps one of the following things could be said to me today, or any day really.

Things I Want to Hear:

  • From a Rich Sugar Daddy: "Why you want to go away this Christmas? Here is a blank check. Make that vacation happen and come back to 2012 refreshed, cultured and happy. I don't even have to go with you...take whomever you please!"
  • From Bill Gates (or any other benefactor): "Your library is the best library. I want to give you lots of money and let you do what seems right. Also, I will double your salary."
  • From a Man: "I really want to see you. I like your face, I like your brain, I like your boobs. Let me buy you drinks/dinner and challenge you to a rousing game of Scrabble/Backgammon/Go Fish."
  • From a Fashion Blog: "We love your librarian style and would like to do a photo shoot with you. We'll also give you $1000."
  • From the Guy at Starbucks: "Well, I got this head tattoo in honor of my solidarity to women's rights.  I shouldn't be judged by my appearance and neither should you."
  • From a book publisher: "We love your idea. Please start writing this book now. We'll publish it in 2012 and you'll do a book tour."
  • From Sprint: "We changed our mind and you're elegible for a new phone right now. Enjoy your iPhone 4s."
  • From anyone capable of giving me an iPad: "Here is your new iPad!"

So dear readers, what would you like to hear from someone today? Funny, silly, serious, contemplative. Please share.


  1. From that person that's not in my life anymore: "I think about you too, and I miss you."

  2. Rose, I think we could all appreciate hearing those words. I know I would, even if I won't admit it.

  3. I get my iPad in a couple of weeks. Yay!!!!

  4. From a Book Publisher: "Not only are you getting that 6-figure advance for your novel, we also sold the movie rights"

    From an experienced Nanny: "Why of course I would like to watch your children free of charge whenever you would like."