List #106: Autumn in My Hometown

It's a blustery day in the 'burgh. Lots of leaves will meet the ground today and even though we have been blessed with so many warm days this fall, it's here today.

So let me share why I love fall in this city today. Or maybe, this list is just a few reasons why I'm happy today.

  • I am wearing tights. And rain boots actually, because the forecast is telling me I should. But mostly it's the tights that are really making my morning. 
  • It's October and I'm reading this spooky read:

I hate being scared, but I love this kooky book.

  • I saw Pascal Dupuis at Starbucks this morning. And I'm going to my first Pens game of the season tonight. 
  • Two people at Starbucks this morning have also recognized me as their local librarian. My small library may not be as shiny as the main branch, but I get to bridge connections and have influence in my community every day.
  • Today's storytime theme? Bright orange, smooth and bumpy pumpkins.
  • I'm wearing my favorite sweater, bought on a shopping spree with my cousin Laura
  • From the windows of my library I can see the top of Pittsburgh's skyline. Always reminding me of love, history, acceptance and love.
So dear readers, what is making you happy and warm on this chilly fall day?


  1. I want more tights. This woman at work is wearing ridiculously beautiful tights.

    Today I'm happy for a trip home to my grandparents' farm. Hopefully the sun peaks out while I'm there.

  2. I just read that book a couple weeks ago! Bought my own copy. It was awesome, I really loved the photos and it was creepy but in a whimsical way, like Big Fish.

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  4. I hate, hate, hate winter but handknit socks and sweaters are too hot in July. Plus, there is peppermint hot chocolate...

    (I had to delete my last comment because my brain and my fingers were not working together for the typing...)

  5. I am happy for bright, witty friends who warm my heart, even on the chilliest of days.