List #104: Quirks and Habits

One of the best things, in my opinion, about getting to know someone is discovering their quirks. Sure, they may be the thing that bothers you the most a few years down the line, but who doesn't love to discover that a new person in your life only uses green highlighters or always puts 3 ice cubes in their drinks. It's a discovery.

But maybe this is because, at my core, I am quirky person. There are lots of little things about me that I've picked up along the way for reasons I can't completely understand.

My most severe habits?
  • I only eat using "short forks." Meaning I only eat using forks with short prongs. I picked this habit up in in Greece; I think ate using the same fork in my kitchen for a whole year and contemplated bringing it back to the US with me. Since then, I've found a few amazing friends who understand this cutlery need.
  • I overdose on songs. Meaning I play the same song over and over and over again until I've worn out its delicious hold on me. I don't mean that I play the top 40 hits like a radio station does until you can't take it anymore. I mean that I've been playing Wilco's Jesus, etc. all October and languishing in its sweet sound and memories. Also, in October I think I play Werewolf Bar Mitzvah at least once a day. 
  • I have to sit facing the way I came in. When anywhere in public, I have to sit facing the way I came to my table. This doesn't mean I have to sit facing the door, just whatever path I took to get there. I'm not a mob boss, I don't fear that people are going to do terrible things to me from behind. But maybe I was in a past life. 
  • I like sleeping with a fan.  And this is a habit that actually comes and goes. I've always had a hard time falling asleep so I like having sleeping patterns. Dark room, blanket on my eyes and a fan whirring in the background. I blame a few exes for the fan thing. I tend to date guys who like white noise and then fall victim to their brand of nightly ritual and since I'm a creature of habit, get sucked in and can't break it myself. 
  • I think about stuffed animals feelings. Okay, so we've all seen Toy Story and been able to relate. But we have some literary character stuffed animals in baskets to encourage creative play at my library. Popular characters like The Cat in the Hat, Elmer and and the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar. But the characters that "go" together? Berenstein Bears, Elephant and Piggie? I can't separate them. When cleaning up, I always put the family and friends together, so they don't get separation anxiety. 
Does this make me sound any crazier than already suspected? Perhaps, but I like to think these quirks just give me flavor.

So dear readers, what are your quirks and habits? Come on and share. We're all our own brand of crazy. Maybe we'll even find some like-minded souls.


  1. I only use "Small-Mouth" spoons and I only drink out of plastic cups unless I have a straw. Those are my quirkiest but I definitely have a lot more.

    I need a fan on when I sleep, too!

  2. 1. When laying on a pillow, I constantly flip it as soon as it gets "warm". A habit I've had since I was a kid.

    2. Before I use a fork I always test the way it feels in my hand and it's structural integrity. If it feels weird or bends easily, I will find another one.

    3. When flipping through radio stations in my car, as soon as I make one full iteration one direction, I will iterate the reverse direction (assuming I don't find a station I like). Gotta balance it out, yo.

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there are many others.

  3. I'm pretty superstitious when it comes to spilling salt. I don't know, I've just always had to throw it over my shoulder.

    I LOVE opening new bottles of water. It's like this weird thing. I like them when they are cold and frosty on the outside and the feeling of twisting off the cap. Even if I'm not even that thirsty. If I'm not careful I'll end up leaving 5 or 6 half drank bottles of water and gatorade ALL over my apartment.

    I also memorize songs very quickly if I set my mind to it. If I listen to the radio enough I'll know every song.

    ...I'm sure there's more

  4. I do believe that you've mentioned your fork issue before on this blog, Ms. Brassy. I actually remembered that.

    I also sleep with a fan. I need the white noise.

    And I also need a cold pillow...in fact, I've taken to having two pillows - one under my head and another on the floor, so when the pillow under my head gets too warm, I can swap it out.

    MANY of my numerous "quirks" relate to Asperger's Syndrome and mood disorders....

    *Ms. Brassy may recall two of my major quirks - near-inability to make eye contact and constant fiddling with small objects in my hands. Sadly, these make people think I don't want to talk.

    *I don't do well with sudden changes in light or sound.

    *"Bad" sounds are physically painful to me. (Squeaky doors, dissonant chords, etc.)

    *When I'm stressed - which is often - I stretch my neck back and forth a lot, move my jaw around, drum with my hands, and/or rub my own shoulders.

    *I tend to always sit in the same places in a room.

    *I'm constantly listening to music or podcasts to give my mind something to focus on...otherwise I end up reliving old memories or inadvertently planning for situations and conversations that will never happen.

    *I am all but incapable of addressing people informally. It's always "doctor," "professor," "mister / miss / ms," "sir / ma'am," etc. And this isn't solely because of how I was raised...my brother isn't as formal as I am. Hell, I rarely use "mom" or "dad" or "grandma." (Father, Mother, Grandmother, respectively.) I rather suspect that if I met a knight, I would address them as "Sir" or "Dame." If I met an actor who played a role with a title, I'd probably use that title. (Ex: William Shatner would be captain, David Tennant would be doctor, etc.)

    (Incidentally, Nathan Fillion has said that he appreciates being addressed as "Captain." He feels that it's just easier if people address him that way than gush all over him - in his mind, it's the same thing, just shorter.)

    *I sit oddly when I sit on the floor cross-legged. It's hard to explain.

    *I can spot spelling and grammar errors a mile away.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment. But - clearly - I'm a freak.

  5. Quirky is good. It makes us different and can be endearing.

    I too sleep with a fan on for "white noise" sometimes even talk radio in sleep mode of course.

    I always load the dishwasher the same way. glasses in one place. mugs in another. back to front.

    I constantly organize mail, papers, magazines, catalogs into piles at work and home. I over organize.

    My CDs are alphabetized and organized by type. i.e. vocal, brass choir, instrument & so on. You would be proud. Why do I still have CDs?

    Be Well. Dave