List # 105: Wild and Wonderful

Taken at Stone Wall Resort, WV thanks to wonderful librarian friends who planned a getaway weekend in honor of birthdays and friendship. 

One of the librarians snapped this photo of me on Saturday as we walked around the second largest lake in West Virginia.  I swear that it's rare for me to be captured by the shutter solo so often, but in the past few weeks it seems to have happened more than normal. Instead of showing off my librarian fashion-sense, I think this one speaks to my inner core. 

Here is what I see:
  • A woman who has been treated to a grand gesture of love by her friends. A trip in honor of her birthday, amazing friends who don't judge and support, people who care so much about the needs and feelings of others we all brought too much food and wine.
  • Someone who has accepted that life isn't fair. Actually, she may struggle with this from time to time. But she has learned to find a center of gravity that is harder to shake. 
  • A girl who appreciates the pretty. I'm not apologizing for liking a pretty dress and high-heeled shoes anymore than I am apologizing for liking sunshine on a still lake.
  • A crooked smile with gaps in my teeth. Bothering me more than it ever has in my life, I don't think I could change its character even if I desperately want to. 
  • A girl not shy about laughing. Big belly laughs and girly giggles. Bring on the wrinkles.
Do I dare ask, dear readers, what you see in this photograph? I'd love your take on my weekend-affair with nature.

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