List # 103: Gestures

Grand Gestures: Moments in life where someone goes completely out of their to make sure they know you are loved.  See Say Anything, many moments in the life of Rachel and Ross and more than a few dozen Harlequin romance novels.

A friend and I used to talk about, when we were younger and wrapped up in men that weren't quite the fit for us, how if they could just show us a grand gesture, we'd be smitten. But then experience teaches us that it wasn't really a grand gesture that we needed from those men. Rather it would have been nice of him not put up a fight when I asked him to come to happy hour on Friday evenings. We really hoped they'd stop picking up younger women on MySpace and actually want to have dinner with our families.  Not exactly a grand gesture, but just simple things that happen when you like someone.

So today's list? A few quiet moments that made me swoon:
  • Lighting candles throughout the apartment. And then excitedly showing me your favorite one, mentioning that you hate scents and kissing me in the doorway.
  • Chai tea in the morning. Going to be honest here. If you manage to bring me tea without asking, I'm going to be a ball of mush.
  • Telling me that I'm worth the wait? Yes, I'll take that.
  • Lunch surprises at work. There is little sweeter than afternoon, workday date.
So what small things make you swoon? Because sometimes there is no greater feeling.


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  2. I dated a Jewish guy who once, upon saying goodbye in the doorway, kissed a number of different parts of my body (neck, cheek, shoulder, etc.) and then said the name of the body part in Hebrew. In a very sultry, whispery voice too! I have never been able to hear Hebrew the same since. : )