List #102: 30 Wears Me Well

Earlier this week I attended a conference for work. An entire conference dedicated to libraries. But when I wasn't sitting in presentations about the Dewey Decimal System (why yes, that still exists and yes, librarians talk about it a lot) I got to explore some of the beauty of Central Pennsylvania. 

Even better yet, I just happened to be traveling with Ms. Clothes Karma a terrific fashion blogger and amazing photographer in Pittsburgh. She's the one responsible for the photos above; perfect snapshots of a happy librarian pleased to be feeling refreshed at 30. 

These might just be the four best photographs I've ever taken in my adult-life. I love that the colors match the season, I love the confidence radiating from my center, I love my boots and the happy in my smile. This is emotion and the attitude I hope to capture for the next 12 months and beyond.  And I'm positive this goal-oriented woman can get it achieve this success.

So, readers, what photo shows you at your best? How old are you, who took it, what are you doing? 


  1. I LOVE those boots. And the photographs are truly fabulous!

  2. Aw, thank you so much! The boots are current fave fall purchase.

  3. I wonder if you met my friend Lisa, she was probably at the same conference. Fabulous photos!

  4. Seeing how happy you are at 30 makes THIS librarian feel better about the upcoming 3-0 (this July!). You're the tops!