List # 101: Little Things That Annoy Me

Following the popular hashtags #whitegirlproblems #sororitygirlproblems and even #firstworldproblems, today's list are the little things that pop up during my week that I mostly like to avoid. Because all of those problems are my problems too.
  • Forgetting to ask for my Starbucks extra hot.  I know we need to be cautious of lawsuits and I realize that not everyone likes to put a scalding beverage to their lips. But when I forget to add this to my morning order my own mouth does a little sigh of sadness.
  • Facebook telling me to add people I don't like or don't know.  No, Mark Zuckerberg I don't want to be friends with the random kid from my HS who had a ponytail and I never talked to in my life. And even more, I don't want to be friends with ex's new girlfriends or previous coworkers I never enjoyed. Nor do I want friendship suggestions for patrons from my old library who asked me out every week. You scare me, Facebook and I wish I could quit you.
  • Leaving my phone charger at home. It's 2011. How do we not have electrical outlets near every chair everywhere? I am a slave to my smartphone.
  • When my hair does that little flip on the right side. My hairdresser says it's from the way my hair has been growing since I was a baby. I say it's annoying and nothing half a bottle of hairspray can't fix. 
  • Not being able justify streaming Spotify from my phone. I have my budget limits, my friend, but I want music when I want it. And my iPod just doesn't cut it. When did updating my iPod become so much work?
So what are your privileged annoyances? Come on dear readers, help me feel not so guilty over the silly things.


  1. I have a cowlick right on the edge of my bangs and it makes me so mad every single day! My bangs would like, naturally, to divide into a weird 1/3 and 2/3 thing. It takes great patience, heat from the hair dryer and various products to tame it and make it get along with the other hair. : )

  2. I hate when TV shows aren't immediately available OnDemand. They should be there the next day after they air.

    I hate when fast food places don't get my order right. If I screwed up at my job as much as McDonald's messed up a double cheeseburger with only pickles, I'd be fired.

    Since we're on the service industry, I HATE when a waitress/ waiter asks "Do you need change?". If someone asks me that, they will NOT get a tip. A tip is an addition, not an entitlement. I waited tables for 6 years, and I never even assumed the little old couple who gave me a change cocktail so that my tip always added up to $3.25 were going to give me that tip.