Letter #20: Things I Want You to Know

Dear Guy at Starbucks (approximately 8:15 Friday morning),
Your beard is pretty amazing. It's the perfect blend of bushy and scratchy. Just a little ginger mixed in with the brown. Sure, you're a bigger guy but you look like you could be one of those sweet, teddy bear types.  And what's this? You ordered Earl Grey tea? My suspicions have been confirmed; a sensitive soul.  But the head tattoo is kind of killing it.

Dear Library Friends,
I'm really looking forward to October. Let's get on this and bring lots of wine. And we can drunk dial the girls who aren't there. And coo at babies through the phone.

Dear Really Old Ex-Boyfriend,
Might as well be straight and tell you that I know you're reading this blog. Pretty sure you search for it in Google every day. I'm flattered and I think it's sweet that you like to keep up with what's going on in my life. I hope married life is treating you well and don't worry, my heart healed a long time ago. You should say hello; leave a comment, send an email. I didn't bite playfully when we were together and well, you never got to know that part of me. So I can assure you I won't bite now. It would be nice to hear your adventures and find out what you think about this space, especially since you've read the words written about our experience.

Dear Men on Twitter,
Seriously, why do you think it's extremely appropriate to ask women for naked pictures? I guess it's the librarian fantasy.  But come on, you've got to be pretty special to see this librarian outside of the stacks.

Dear Liars,
There is no need to spin tales. I don't buy your fake war stories, I don't buy your thinly veiled attempts at getting me to waive your fines, I don't buy that you really are interested in more when you only text me after midnight. Just be honest, you'll get a whole lot farther with this girl. Trust me on this.

Dear Not-so Old Ex-Boyfriend,
Let me be clear, nothing about you shocks me anymore. But did you really forget that I turned 30 this week? Do you really not care that much about a person you have said you loved, even post-break up? Did you really forget that there would have been anniversary celebrated this week? The memories of our first week's together just vanished? I just don't understand and I've stopped trying too. But if you really did wipe all memory away from your heart, you should write a book. It would be a best-seller in a minute and your financial worries solved.

Dear Singer-Songer Writer Matt Nathanson,
I don't think I've had a musical crush this strong since John Mayer. I'm missing your concert in NYC, I'm missing it in PGH. Just keep singing adorably super sweet and sad songs. I'll keep loving your beard and your voice.

Dear Old Friends,
I'm still a little sorry we don't talk anymore. But I still love you and maybe one day our lives will be similar again. Friendships change through the years and I was moved to tears a few times this week by love. I wish you could have been there for me during the rough patches but I probably should have just said something instead of ignoring the problem and distancing myself. Maybe our 30s will change us again.

Dear Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte,
You, dear, are a game changer.

Love Always,

Shannon, aka BrassyLibrarian

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