List #92: Write a Song About Me

I go back and forth a lot between listening to music and listening to podcats on my commute to and from work. And mostly when I listen to music I just stream from Pandora via my phone because I get tired of my music collection. But over the past week I did some traveling to the West Coast and back and I can't really stream Pandora from my phone flying somewhere above the Rockies.

So I recently got to reconnect with my iPod thanks to Southwest and vacation days. And as usual I am a ball of emotion when I remember old songs. Do you know the feeling of listening to a song you almost completely forgot about and then having it feel like a warm winter sweater? Or surge tears from deep inside that you thought you had cried out a long time ago? Or when a memory pops up so forgotten yet so clear that it seems as if you can reach out and touch time? Yeah, that. A few hundred times over riding in Coach. Pretty sure I managed to suck back the tears and stifle the laughter though. I didn't want everyone thinking I was a nutjob.

But I will share with you three songs I listened to a few times over because I want to be the women they sing about.

Cecelia, Simon & Garfunkel
I want to be the woman who brings a man to his knees. I love that Cecelia has this man wrapped around her fingers and she knows it. She controls the relationship. Maybe it's about music, maybe it's about a muse. Who cares. To me, this song is about a powerful woman who is a knock-out in bed and has slept with Paul Simon. And quite frankly, that's lovely.

Down Home Girl, Old Crow Medicine Show
Okay, so is completely unsophisticated. She's a bit of a mess, really. But he is attracted to her nonetheless. It's the line about the dress and going to Sunday Mass that really gets me. Afterall I'm a former Catholic school girl and it's kind of sexy to know you're moving a man so hard that he feels the need to pray.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand, The Beatles
It's sweet and simple. Tender and old-fashioned. And it reminds me that a guy should want to do more than just make out and watch movies in the dark. He should want to hold my hand. This is a song that made me giddy at 12, made women twice my age giddy as a teen and still kind of makes me giddy today.

Free Fallin', Tom Petty
When I was little and this song came out, I immediately thought it was written about me. I WAS a good girl who loved my momma, I loved Jesus (see Catholic school) and America, I was crazy about Elvis and I even loved horses. I was just 10 and couldn't figure out what vampires had to do with anything. So yes, he's happy that they broke up. But he's sad enough that he had to break a good girl's heart, and he admits he's a bad boy. That's more than I can say for most of the men I have dated.

Comfortable, John Mayer
This song is so unfancy and bittersweet, it still breaks my heart nearly ten years after hearing it for the first time (side note, I'm old). He is admiting he's wrong and sorry without actually saying it. I like to think he knows she's the girl who got away but there is nothing he can do about it anymore. He f*cked up and she moved on and that's how life happens. And well, we all know that's how a huge chunk of my life plays out and though I've never had a man come back to me or get on his knees for me, I like to think some of them know I was better than they gave me credit for. And that some of them are still kicking themselves for getting rid of the sweet, smart and yes, comfortable, even today.

So dear readers, what songs do you want to be? Is there a song or a lyric that just makes you say "Yes, I wish this song was written about me" and still has you feeling that way no matter how many listens? Share them in the comments!


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cmo6MRYf5g&feature=related

  2. #1- Comfortable. Hands down one of the most amazing songs ever written for all the reasons you stated. It is so simple and pure and real. (Dear John Mayer, please stop being a douche and go back to what you were circa 2001.)

    #2- Meet Virginia. Also circa 2001. I felt like this song summed up my life at the time.

    #3- Brown Eyed Girl. Because I am a brown eyed girl. :-)