List #91: Baby's Got a Broken Boob

Specifically this baby. You may have noticed that last week I was unusually quiet. And though I've been blogging less because the summer was busy, work has been hectic and my evenings have been booked. I was sick. The kind of sick that has you in so much pain the only thing you can think about doing after work is change into pajamas, crawl into bed and spend some time with Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins.

And right now I am going to start talking about my lady parts (as if a title with the word "boob" in it wasn't precaution enough). I've said it here before, but my breasts are probably, ultimately my favorite body part. They give me curves, they fill me out and heck, even I know they're fun. But I had an infection in my left breast and was in a world of hurt last week. It all started with a cyst in July and has turned into more than that, but minor in comparison to what many women go through each and every day. I'm not quite sure how I was pushing through the pain last week, it literally hurt to breathe a lot of the time. I'm just tough I suppose. But it all came to a head on Saturday and ended with a trip to the emergency room and very *minor* surgery.

I'll spare you all of the dirty and gross details and just leave you with this list. The top things my Boobs & I have learned together, through sickness and health:

A good, attractive, trustworthy bra can be hard to find. Victoria's Secret is not a girl's best friend when she's wearing something more than a 38C (no reason to share my actual size here, but it's bigger than the average)
  • Always show the girls off. There is a time and place for super sexy and very low cut. But there is never a day where they should be wrapped away and put away. Never be ashamed.
  • There is no need to feel demeaned every time another person sneaks a peak at them. Sometimes, a peak is a compliment.
  • But then again, perfect a glare of utter disgust for those dirty old pervs who can't get enough/voice inappropriate thoughts/generally skeeve you out. In my experience, a man who stares can't handle a strong woman who illustrates her feelings. He'll cower and run away.
  • Give a guy a break if he can't figure out your bra clasps. No matter the age, they're nervous and let's face it, they can be a bit complicated.
  • Feel so proud of them, no matter the size, that you'd enter a wet t-shirt contest. Now, don't actually enter the contest. It's the thought the counts.
  • Be comfortable. Stare at yourself in the mirror, check for lumps every month, understand your normal. Because when a health crisis comes, there is little time for embarassment.
  • Ask questions. I come from a family of loud, crazy and funny women. The kind that would make you show off your training bra. But I grew up knowing I could ask questions and share with them any concerns. It makes dealing with grown-up boob issues easier.
  • Don't let anyone see them who isn't worthy. A lesson that would have been nice to learn in my teens, a lesson that should have been remembered more in college and that some could argue I'm still learning at today. But really, the Internet exists for a reason and he doesn't need to see yours just because.
  • So anyway, I go back for my follow-up appointment tomorrow and there is no reason to think I won't heal fully and quickly. It was just an infection gone to the dark side and left me with a wound and a bit of sadness. It's quite easy to slip into self-pity when you're nursing a broken boob all weekend and there is no one who just wants to kiss it and make it better. So keeping that in mind, it's even easier to understand why a person may call a bunch of her friends when hopped up on pain meds and leave incoherant messages. Not saying I did any of that. But you know, you can understand if it did happen.

    Now dear readers, what lessons have you and your body learned through time? We're connected for life so we might as well share the wisdom we learn from each other.

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    1. I agree with pretty much everything, though I am going to disagree on the VS bras. I'm definitely bigger than a 38C and I discovered Body by Victoria last summer and I LOVE it. It keeps the ladies up and shapely, but hey, to each their own :D
      Hope you have a speedy and easy recovery.

    2. Hope you're feeling better, Shan! I love the last part of this post :)