List # 90: Designing Women

I had dinner with two college friends tonight on a rooftop bar. One friend is one of my best friends; a woman who is always there for me no matter what and always has time for someone in need. She has been known to verbally kick the sh*t out of ex-boyfriends through AIM (remember that technology?), decline Facebook invitations and kidnap you for margaritas and shots on Tuesday nights. The other is a sorority sister whom I haven't seen in years. She's one of the only people in my graduating class who was younger than me. She was the girl you could always count on getting a drink with you in college. She's now about to have her third child and just took on a promotion at work. They are lovely ladies.

And everything about tonight was a reminder of success. Varying degrees: the working mom, the powerful committed woman, and the single gal who champions for the public. It made me happy.

Sometimes I find it very hard NOT to measure myself up against women like these friends, people on Facebook, casual acquaintances and wonder what it takes to reach their level of success. And it just shouldn't be that way.

So tonight's list? A few things I am going to take to heart when I'm feeling like I am not measuring up.

A successful woman:
  • Should always have more than one best friend. She knows that friendships are intricate and understands that different people fulfill different parts of us. She tries to always make time for them, hugs them when they leave and misses them when they are far away.
  • Isn't afraid to push for a career she loves. She wants to take on new challenges even if those challenges are school loans in preparation for a brighter future.
  • Has a love that leaves a hole in her heart. But she knows life patches it up. And understands that love doesn't fix everything anyway.
  • Reads. The news, books, magazines. Whatever interests her and whatever she can get her hands on.
  • Is happy for friends in their times of joy; sad for them in times of sorrow. Even if this means going to weekends filled with showers or open houses. Or heading out for happy hour even if she just wants to home. She meets her friends needs because they help meet hers.
  • Has a friend she can always count on to flirt. They make each other feel better, they are there when the world crumbles around, but they also make her feel just sexy enough.
  • Be able to reward herself with a good trip. She can travel the world, go camping, fly across the country or just tour a different city. But she should be able to pay for this trip alone and love every minute.
  • Always wants more.
So, friends, how do you define a successful woman? I'd love to add to this list. Any successful role models out there? Please share!

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  1. This may sound cheesy - but my mom is a role model. She overcame so much crap....