Moments # 6: Beyonce is High on my Girl Crush List

I won't reveal any of my other girl crushes, cause honestly they should be a list of their own. But I love this song, this video and Beyonce too much not to post.

The other day I asked about summer songs. I'm gonna go ahead and declare this as mine. Seriously, how much is this song perfect for this period in my life? Especially after the events that happened over the past 6 months?

Even though it does bother me a little that Beyonce is happily married to Jay-Z and rocking life and a booty-shaking body.

So, dear readers, what song would you select to describe the first six months of your year? Share them in the comments.


  1. Normally I'm not much of a Beyonce fan, but I honestly love love love that song. Even though it has the complete opposite message of the Beyonce song, I think Maroon 5's "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" is probably closer to how I've been feeling. Or anything by Adele lol.

  2. SemiSweet,

    Oh, I love Beyonce. Especially this song. It's her facial expressions to the camera. It's how I picture myself when I had my "hollywood story" moment about a month ago in the face of my ex. And it's pretty much what I want to say all of the time.

    But don't get me wrong..Adele's 21 album is my entire anthem. But dear, don't waste too much energy wishing he was back in bed. Trust me, there are more adventures and fun out there.