List # 79: Best & Worst after Fireworks

Short weeks that leave out Monday always throw me off a bit. But then this week also had me working 2 nighttime librarian shifts, planning a boat load of programs, dealing with health issues and well, a bunch of other things. By the time I come home I have become so hot and exhausted the only realistic option is bed in a tank top and the air conditioning.

A short recap is needed to discuss the events of this week, so here it goes.

Best Things about the Week of July 4, 2011:
  • Listening to a heavy metal 90s band with good friends & babies. It's the best way to celebrate America's birthday. Well, next to 76 trombones.
  • Having the city's biggest newspaper call the library and say they want to come to a program next week to take pictures. Especially when you are running the program.
  • Cocktails with old friends and new friends and a cover duo that will play Justin Bieber before 10 pm. Ohh, baby, baby, baby....
  • Apartment hunting is a real thing. Like, could be living in a new place before I know it real thing.
  • Google +. Fresh social media start that isn't that devil of Facebook.
  • Treats n Sweets Ice Cream. A new place, new memories and a summer treat that costs 63 cents/scoop.
Worst Things about the Week of July 4, 2011:
  • Being solo for fireworks. It just hurts the heart somewhere even if you don't fully admit it. And ignoring them isn't much fun.
  • Finding a cyst on your breast. Having it aspirated and all that comes with it isn't' much fun either. But no worries, it's all okay, taken care of and I'm fine.
  • Remembering that so many people you love don't live near. You just can't visit the world like you want.
  • Seeing the country you love go through so much unrest. Because Greece feels like home.
  • Logging into Google+ for the first time and having the first recommendation be your ex. Because really, Google? I need to see that face?!
  • Summer Reading taking over your life in ways you didn't know possible. 5 programs next week.
But of course these lists prove that the good was better than the bad. And I'll take this week for the win. I even ate at my favorite grad school-inspired restaurant this week and got paid.

So, what do you say dear readers? Was your week a win or a loss? Tell us why & we'll share praise or sympathy in the comments.

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