List # 80: Life Moments, Overcome Edition

I came to the realization yesterday that Sundays are my most emotional day of the week. I think I've been this way since I was a young student and blame, partially, the stress of an upcoming week. The pressure to be good in school, to be the best I could be, to be great at my job, to be a good girl, to be a welcomed friend. And I think I still feel all of these pressures at 29.

Yesterday I found myself thinking introspectively and kind of amazed at how much I've come along in the first 6.5 months of the year. I actually found myself thinking about how I don't miss that best person I thought I knew as much anymore. I thought about how much fun this summer has been. What odd stories I have to share and what new surprises on are on my horizon. I was overcome with pride and excitement and weirdly enough, that made me feel alone.

You know that overwhelming feeling where you're brimming with news and emotion and yet there is no one around to share it with? Or you just have something in your heart and head that needs to get out but there is no outlet? It was that.

But then I realized that even though I miss rubbing my feet on someone in the morning, if I had those feet to rub perhaps some of the year would never have happened.

So tonight's list are things I probably wouldn't have done if not for the recent past:
  • Getting approved to present a poster at my very first library conference. Because this just proves that I've got more determination and intelligence than sometimes given credit.
  • Last minute lunch dates with men who listen. Because who doesn't like to be flattered and admired, but it's made even better by someone who is witty and reads in addition to being sweet.
  • Black, vintage-style bathing suits and an ex-neighbor who still lets me in the pool for free. Because they look great with my curvy body and she didn't even bring that ex up even once.
  • Futures in the city. Because I'm going to believe that this fall, Librarians in the City are going to replace the adventures of Sex in the City. With books are cardigans.
  • Having the Post-Gazette come to my program this afternoon. Look for it in next Thursday's PG West.
  • The Avett Brothers and Matt Nathenson. Because they are the nicest men to fall asleep to and best man to wake up to. Seriously, if you're a guy, with a beard and you can sing I will swoon.
So what has happened to you this summer that wouldn't have happened if you'd stayed on a certain course? What about beyond this summer?


  1. I always enjoy your posts- even though I'm just a random blog stalker. So the next blog in my reader had this link posted, and I had to click back to share this here. I thought you might get a kick out of it, and I think you may need a laugh. Maybe you've seen them before? Anyway the cards about the exes are THE BEST- here you go: http://bluntcard.com/

  2. I love your idea of Librarians in the City with books and cardigans. And I must say it again, stay away from my bearded hubby when he plays his acoustic guitar and sings. Love ya!