Moments #7: The One Where I'm the Priest

So this happened last month.

And this weekend I will be performing the marriage ceremony for my dear friends Lauren and Shawn. It's an honor. I'm filled with excitement and nerves. And cannot wait to see such a wonderful, beautiful couple stand up and commit their lives to each other. Details will follow in a list, I promise. But for now I just had to share an event that is motivating me towards the weekend and allowing me to reflect on partnerships and love.

Performing a wedding ceremony for friends while being single doesn't jinx me, right? Instead it puts some good karma out in the world and hopefully it will find its way back to me. Here's hoping that I can one day find a love and relationship that is as caring and modern and lovely as my friends'.

Wish me luck and the couple good wishes!

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  1. I think it definitely brings good karma, how awesome! :)