List # 69: I don't listen to Bryan Adams

Yesterday I was sick. The kind of sick that takes over with fever, chills and an achy body but comes and goes. It started at work on Thursday, I stuck out the day and was down for the count on Friday. And I could go on about details, but really talking about spending most of a gorgeous Friday afternoon in bed watching TV shows on Hulu isn't all that exciting.

But then, something extraordinary happened. The Pittsburgh Magazine called and I just happened to win 2 tickets to the 2011 Best Restaurants Party on Monday night. Swanky Pittsburgh event, with food from the top restaurants in the city? Count me in. I'm even going to try to blog a list about it. Which might be challenging because I don't really want to be taking notes at the party and sometimes my memory is not the best when it comes to details involving food & such. But whatever comes out will certainly have brassy flair.

But I have a good feeling about this upcoming week:

Best Restaurant Party: Going to sample lots of food with a good friend in a pretty dress.

Michael Buble: I'm taking my Mom as her Mother's Day gift on Friday. She has threatened to throw a bra on stage. Not that we are sitting close enough to reach it, but her enthusiasm is catching and it's going to be awesome.

Lake Erie & Wine: A girl's trip to Lake Erie to visit some wineries and have a bit of summer fun.

There is also the Three Rivers Arts Fest, friends, sunny weather and a few other things going on too. I feel good vibes coming from this week and it's about time.

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